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Mabini National High School (MNHS) History

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A vision germinated by curiosity, fertilized by passion, watered by unity, strengthened by adversity -- the abundant harvest, a precious legacy!


In the early part of School Year 1979-1980, Mr. Diosporo Falculan, a Master Teacher at Mabini Elementary School (MES) began to envision the setting up of a government secondary school in Barangay Mabini. His vision came to life with a blessing to have seen from Mrs. Mayonita F. Faminiano application papers concerning permit to open Tungonan Barangay High School in Banton. His desire to set up a barangay high school grew more intense each day, seeing students always in a hurry walking to town where Corcuera Academy, a private and only secondary school was located. He had been thinking also of his three children who will inevitably experience the same upon reaching secondary level. These actual and mental pictures spurred him to action to reach the desired goal -- a government high school in Mabini. Fully aware of the enormous challenges, he set in motion organized steps. First, he inquired from Mrs. Faminiano about specific documentary requirements of which he religiously worked on. Then he conferred with his close friends, one of whom was then Barangay Captain Emilio Fojas, about his plan and the list of documentary requirements. Upon successfully getting their consensus, the plan was soon relayed to the community, receiving also popular approval.


Mrs. Linda F. Fadriquelan, MNHS Principal

Among the proponents was the PTA President Ismael Fetalvero who assumed position in January 1980 succeeding Mrs. Maria Fallaria. The PTAís support on all the requirements for permit approval was secured such as school site, buildings, teachers, students, books, and cash deposit as Trust Fund in the Municipal Treasury.


The problem of school building was tackled first by a Katipon (bayanihan spirit) of the PTA members who volunteered labor and construction materials resulting to a two-room building in the Mabini Elementary School campus. To raise more funds , the PTA held benefit dances to supplement the existing funds of the Association which was also approved to be used for classroom purposes. The requirement on books was satisfied with the voluntary efforts of Mrs. Shirley Fallaria, the late Mrs. Merle Ferry, Mrs. Elvie Fondevilla, and Mrs. Priscila Fruelda, who secured them in Batangas while studying or staying there.


First week of April 1980, Asst. Superintendent Patricio F. Fojas sent a note to the proponents that with Romblon Schools Division Superintendent Salustiano Buhat, both will come to Corcuera to conduct a public hearing on the merit of the application for permit to open the said Barangay High School. Passionate and tireless, Mr. Diosporo Falculan conducted a signature campaign among all barangay captains. Some did not fully understand the noble purpose although majority of them signified. He also went around Mabini and its vicinity inviting everybody to attend the public hearing. When the day finally came, with positive thoughts and hopeful hearts, they marched to town proudly raising their placards and streamers.


In the public hearing, Superintendent Buhat served as moderator. He gave everyone the chance to express his/her opinion. He asked also the barangay captains to explain their stand. There were times when heated discussions arose, but all construed as signs of healthy deliberations. After the hearing, the proponents and the supporters went home hungry, but very happy because they believed that victory was on their side. Before Asst. Supt. Fojas left, he gave instructions to meet the Trust Fund requirement of One thousand pesos (PhP1,000.00) cash to be deposited in the Municipal Treasury. This requirement was satisfied within two weeks.


Then, one month before the opening of SY 1980-1981, another problem surfaced. This was the required number of enrollees enough for two sections in first year and also two sections in second year. Focused and inspired, with Mr. Franklin Falceso, Mr. Falculan biked to some nearby barangays vigorously campaigning for more enrollees.


Having met all the requirements, Mabini Barangay High School (MBHS) opened her doors and started classes as planned.


The Great News!


Before the end of the School Year 1980-1981, information was received from the Division Office about the approval of the Application for Permit of Mabini Barangay High School . Joy overwhelmed the hearts of all supporters for the founding of MBHS. In celebration of this historic event, they threw a party inviting Asst. Supt. Patricio Fojas and other Division Personnel, among others. At this party, Asst. Supt. Fojas gladly announced the date of approval, February 28, 1981.


The vision of Mr. Diosporo Falculan blessed with positive attributes -- dream and curiosity, love of community and family, genuine belief in something good and tireless efforts, common will and unified strength -- came to life. The date is historic, the legacy lasting!


More Historical Highlights


Mrs. Mayonita F. Faminiano - Assistant Principal (1980 - 1982)
Mr. Virgil F. Fadriquelan - Assistant Principal (1982 - 1983)
Mr. Epifanio F. Fadrilan - Assistant Principal (1983 - 1985)
Mr. Franklin F. Falceso - Assistant Principal (1985 - 1987)


Regular Teachers (Pioneering Faculty) School Year 1980-1981:

Mr. Samson Fruelda
Mrs. Ferlinda Montero
Miss Darlina F. Falculan-Factor


Part-time teachers (voluntary gesture/no pay):

Mrs. Mayonita F. Faminiano
Mrs. Francisca F. Famodulan
Mr. Diosporo Falculan


At different points in time from School Year 1981-1982 onward, a good number of teachers formed part of the teaching staff in response to increase in enrolment and availability of positions. Among them were the following:

Mrs. Yoly Flores
Mrs. Florita Fampo
Mrs. Lucy Faner
Mrs. Linda Fadriquelan
Mrs. Shirley Falcunaya-Fallaria
Mrs. Nerita Famorcan
Mr. Edwin Fetalino
Miss Yoly Fadriquelan
Mr. Pacencio F. Fajarit
Mrs. Luzviminda Faner-Fajilagot
Miss Shirley Falcunaya-Fabregas
Miss Jocelyn Fruelda
Mrs. Babylin Fajarito
Mrs. Nonie T. Magtuba
Mrs. Floriza Icaro-Mangrubang
Mr. Darryl de Cardo
Mrs. Divina Gracia Faminiano
Mr. Victor Mayo
Mr. Ronald F. Famodulan
Miss Jimely Madrid
Mr. Eziel Gabay
Mrs. Pinky Ferrancullo
Mr. Alan Adoptante
Mrs. Arleen Ribot Fadriquelan
Miss Blesie Fabellar
Mr. Arnold F. Fruelda
Miss Ailyn Fabella
Mr. Rey Fadriquelan
Mr. Jethro F. Fajarillo
Mrs. Merlin R. Bialen


Changes are inevitable. These innate reality and natural course of events bring us to the current faculty and staff members: SY 2006-2007.

Mrs. Linda F. Fadriquelan - Principal I
Mrs. Lucy M. Faner - Head Teacher III
Mrs. Shirley F. Fallaria - SST-II
Mrs. Darlina F. Factor - SST-I
Mrs. Ferlinda F. Montero - SST-I
Miss Yoly F. Fadriquelan - SST-I
Mrs. Luzviminda F. Fajilagot - SST-I
Mrs. Vivien F. Motin - SST-I
Mrs. Arleen R. Fadriquelan - SST-I
Miss Blesie F. Fabellar - SST-I
Miss Marjorie F. Rioja - SST-I
Mr. Lee F. Fonte - SST-I
Mr. Ronald F. Famodulan - SST-I
Mr. Arnold F. Fruelda - SST-I
Mr. Jethro F. Fajarillo - SST-I
Mr. Rey F. Fadriquelan - SST-I

Mrs. Vezza Vi F. Mazo - Public Health Nurse I


After three years of operation, SY 1982-1983, some of those students walking to town in a hurry years earlier were, at this time, among those marching proudly on their graduation rite -- writing, at the same time, a page in the history of their alma mater as the pioneering alumni -- 51 in all.


Life in the campus ran its normal course until Typhoon Yoling came on December 17, 1987, destroying all buildings of the high school except the concrete wall of the Bagong Lipunan. Faced with this adversity but far from being fazed, classes resumed using the Catholic and the Aglipayan churches in Mabini as temporary classrooms, the old elementary school building, and even outdoor under a talisay tree. This situation continued until the turnover of the six-classroom building constructed out of the PhP350,000.00 released in July 1989 by then Congressman Natalio M. Beltran from his Community Development Fund.


The concerted efforts of the Parents-Teachers (Community) Association (PTA/PTCA), Mabini Teachers Association (MATA), Student Body Organizations (SBOs), Senior Class Organizations, Teachersí Club, and other student clubs immensely contributed in various ways for the well-being of the high school ranging from voluntary labor, indigenous materials, baby rain collectors, balustrade, riprap, school ground leveling, perimeter fence, and to many more. A meaningful and significant part also came from philanthropic alumni and some Simaranhons. Worth mentioning were the books that came from Batangas and the computer set worth Fifty thousand pesos (PhP50,000.00) donated by Marine Captain Winnie F. Mazo and his wife Tessie Falcutila. Activities of this nature had been and still are integral elements of this alma materís existence.


Moreover, from 1992 to 1999, then Congressman Eleandro Jesus Madrona made series of fund releases in the amount totaling more than PhP2M for the construction of buildings for various purposes such as laboratory science, multi-purpose workshop, principalís office, classrooms, and also the 100m culverts that ran through the creek at the center of the playground among other matters. The Municipal Government of Corcuera through then Mayor Bibiano M. Fanlo allotted also the total amount of PhP177,000.00 from its 20% Annual Development Fund to complete the box culverts project.


Another gratifying highlight pointed to Mrs. Linda F. Fadriquelan, the current School Principal, who joined the teaching staff in SY 1982-1983. She was promoted to Head Teacher in 1987, then to Secondary School Principal I in 1998. When Yoling devastated the high school in 1987, she was less than two months as Head Teacher faced with such gargantuan challenge. The flow of gainful achievements for the school served as clear indicators of sterling leadership. In 1998, the school ranked 7th in the National Secondary Assessment Test (NSAT). Moreover, the Mabini National High School in tandem with the Mabini Elementary School served as host of the District Athletic Meet twice -- first in October 2001 and then in September 2004, reflecting facts that the schools possessed conducive atmosphere and appropriate facilities for said activities. Furthermore, in 2002, the Mabini National High School gained rare prominence when Principal Linda F. Fadriquelan was chosen as a recipient of the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award. The event was sponsored by the Civil Service Commission and the award was conferred in Malacanang by Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Obviously, this event magnified our small island of Simara too, in the process and in effect.


Consistent with the pursuit of best secondary education, the Mabini National High School is at pace in implementing innovations in curriculum, complying with requirements on staffing, improving learning facilities, and related aspects. The doors are always open to students yearning for education, and the services of the faculty and staff are in alignment with such purpose as they uphold the circumstances surrounding her beginning.


Mabini Barangay High School became Mabini National High School during the School Year 1992-1993.




Data compiled by Mrs. Linda F. Fadriquelan, MNHS Principal
& Mrs. Lucy M. Faner, Head Teacher.
Coordination undertaken by Engineer Darlina F. Falceso.
Posted, School Year 2006-2007.


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