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Sense Of History

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by Mila Fajiculay-Fruelda
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Municipality of Corcuera, also known as or popularly called Simara, has a reservoir of historical inadequacy, legacy, and reality.


On the downside, history has a blank page as to when our island came to be. Just be satisfied with the notion that it came about as a result of natural forces or to the believers, through Divine action.


Still the questions as to who the first settlers of our island were, and who gave the name Simara deserve definitive answers. Again, the specifics are beyond our reach because records are silent and solid testimonials inaccessible.


However, I am confident that even before Magellan set foot on our soil in 1521, our pagan ancestors were already enjoying the bounty of the island now called Simara. These primitive families feared not "fear itself", but the slaves-seeking Moro pirates from Mindanao.


It was clear that the Spaniards came to our soil to conquer and convert. San Jose, the name of our pueblo before it was changed to Corcuera, had religious representation and Spanish influence.


This name change caught my attention. It ignited in me a spark of historical sense. Accordingly, the town's first gobernadorcillo changed San Jose to Corcuera, in honor of the Spanish Governor-General Don Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera. His tenure lasted from 1635-1644, devoted primarily to conquering the Moros in Mindanao. History, however, was not completely favorable for Corcuera. During his tenure, he got in conflict with the Friars. He was replaced and thrown into prison.


Here comes my point. San Jose was a fitting name, but still changed to Corcuera for the purpose aforementioned. Why do we not change the name Corcuera after all these centuries? Is being passive, leaving the name Corcuera as is, outweighs the significance of a noble endeavor in a historical sense to give the honor to whom the honor rightly belongs?


We are not alone in this path of history. In fact, we are left behind. The name of Banton was changed to Jones in 1918 after Williams Atkins Jones, author of Philippine Autonomy Act of 1916. In 1959, by popular demand, the name was changed back to Banton. In 1961, Despujols, now San Andres was changed in response to the demand of the residents to erase the chapter in their history; and, many more.


For our Municipality, I have these names to suggest and choose from:

  1. Municipality of Simara
  2. While history is not definitive as to who gave our island this name, giving the honor to whoever he was or they were is long overdue. For me this name is pleasing and popular; the place it represents is beautiful; and, I am proud as a Simaranhon.


  3. Albero Municipality
  4. It is an inseparable ingredient of our cultural heritage to appreciate good deeds and admire, honor the doers. Historical records pointed to then Governor Manuel T. Albero as the one who worked for the granting of our Municipality autonomous government. This was made possible by virtue of Executive Order No. 292, Series of 1930. Inauguration of our maiden government was held on February 3, 1931.


    Nobody before him did it. Eventually, someone after him should have had done it. Then, now, and forever - the reality is Governor Albero did it.


  5. Faminiano Municipality
  6. This is in honor of Atanacio F. Faminiano, the man among men, our kasimanwa. He was appointed first Municipal President of Jones, now Banton, in 1918. He was elected to the same post in 1922. Considering he was a Simaranhon, these historical facts spoke clearly for himself. Moreover, he was elected first Municipal President of Corcuera in 1931, the year our maiden Municipal Government was inaugurated.


    To be the first in something with historical impact is like common sense that is actually rare. He is the man - a rare man.


Mga kasimanwa, what do you think?


If only we can move smoothly, I am optimistic that by Her 75th Anniversary, our Municipality will take pride in a new name that is not only historic, but also truly our very own.


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