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Corcuera Alumni Meet In New York/New Jersey

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Celebration, joy and excitement were shared not only by many young children on July 10, 2005, but also by the not so young and the not so old. That day happened to be the fourth birthday of Alex Fallurin Cabrera, and the party was celebrated in a quiet neighborhood home in Glenridge, New Jersey.


Alex, the oldest of two brothers, is the son of Dr. Glenn Cabrera and Marylou Fallurin. He is also the grandson of Jose Falceso Fallurin. Joe Fallurin is the first alumnus from Corcuera Elementary school (Class ’55) who migrated to America and started one of the biggest Simaranhon immigrant families in New York.


As the usual practice among Filipino-American families here, close friends and relatives on both parents’ sides get invited to Alex’s party. And for the invited Simaranhon guests, this party turned out to be a special event to remember, too. This time, a group of Corcuera Academy (now CNHS) alumni who are residing in both the East Coast and West Coast met and gathered in Glenridge, New Jersey. Although residing now in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife Luisa Lero Fallurin, Joe Fallurin came to New Jersey to attend his grandson’s birthday party. He came with his other son, Joseph Fallurin, who with wife Evaine happen to be the lucky parents of the first triplets in the family, and maybe the first in Simara.



Johmy Famorcan Fajilan (Class ’66), with wife Theresita V. Fetalino-Fajilan (Class ’68) and daughter, Kaitlyn, drove to New Jersey/New York area after attending a convention which was held in Chicago, Illinois. Johmy and his family now resides in Los Angeles, California.


Who else came to Glenridge, New Jersey? Of course, the alumni group from New York. They are: Gilbert Falceso Fajiculay (Class ’67), Billy Falceso Fajiculay (Class ’69), Ambrenito Factor Fruelda (Class ’71) and wife Milagros Fajiculay-Fruelda (Class ’71), Reynoe Faminiano (Class ’70) and wife Phinaida Fajilago-Faminiano (Class ’77).


It felt like Glenridge, New Jersey is Corcuera, Romblon for that time being. The spoken ASI mixed with Tagalog and English in all conversations. And speaking of conversations, the topics that came up that day dwelt from the present going back to the past, or mostly the past.



The journey to memory lane even extended past early formative years in Simara. Each one reminisced his/her early years and compared these with that of his/her siblings in present day America. Several childhood games were mentioned like ‘enteran’, ‘lastiko’, ‘kampuhan’, ‘bagoy’, ‘tatsing’, ‘biko’, and ‘taguan’. These games were played any time of day and especially during the night of the first full moon. Try to compare these local games with the electronic gadgetry that the kids now play. And so we all think that this is progress. It seems that whatever or whenever we tell our kids of our past hardships and life experiences in Simara, they ignore them by saying “Mom or dad, that was your time, and now is mine”.


Johmy, Thess and daughter Kaitlyn stayed in New Jersey until July 15. They traveled to and met with other CA alumni in their New Jersey homes during their five-day stay in the area. In Howell, they visited Judith Festin-Glenn (Class ’85) and husband Jeff Glenn. And in Piscataway, they were entertained by Amabilis Fabiala-Pena (Class ’71) and husband Ric Pena, and children, Brianne and J-R. During Alex’s party, Thess also made a phone call to Teresita Fampulme-Alnaham (Class ’69) who now resides with husband Abdo Alnaham and two sons in Poconos, Pennsylvania.



In New York, Johmy’s family visited his boyhood friend and classmate Gilbert, and wife Teresita Ty, and daughter Aimee. They took the Staten Island Ferry service to Manhattan to watch a Broadway show entitled “Phantom of the Opera”. On the ferry ride across New York harbor, they saw the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, a span that connects Staten Island to Brooklyn and which represents the gate of entry to the famous harbor. They also saw the majestic Statue of Liberty and the towering Manhattan skyline. They finished the day with a taste of an authentic Italian pizza at the famous Denino’s Pizzaria Tavern in Staten Island, and then capped the night with homemade cake and coffee at the Fajiculay residence.


Also in New York City, Johmy and family visited the Fajilago-Faminiano residence in the Bronx . They had a good time again with Reynoe Faminiano, wife Phinaida Fajilago-Faminiano, and kids Katie and Joshua. They also met Michelle Fallurin Fajilago (Corcuera Elem. Sch. Class ’90). They were also able to visit Adelaida Fallurin-Fajilago (Class ’65) who is recuperating at a nearby Nursing Home facility. Adelaida Fajilago is a pioneering graduate of Corcuera Academy. Again they met Ambrenito and Mila Fruelda at the facility, and more and more jokes and stories were exchanged there.


At the end of each meeting or visit, and after all the hugs and good luck greetings are exchanged once more, everyone hopes that this kind of alumni get-togethers in America happen more often. There are more stories to tell, more jokes to share, more fun to savor, and more classmates to remember at all times.


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